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Pearlescent Text

Start with a new document with 1024x768, RGB/8, 72px/in.

Creating a new document in Photoshop CS3.

Make a new layer (for those who do not know how, the easiest way us to Layer -> New -> Layer... -> OK.

Set the foreground to #d1c383 and grab the paint bucket tool. Fill the whole area.

Create another new layer and select the Type Tool. Make sure it's in Horizontal Type mode.
(so it doesn't go up/down).

Choose a font you wish to use. I'm using Myriad Pro (with 'Bold' selected). Set it to 250 pt in size and smoothing to "Sharp".
Set the text color to #ffcccc.
Click-and-drag an area for your text and type the word "Pearl" (without the quotes).

Now we need to bring out the depth and characteristics of pearl.

With the Pearl layer still selected, click on the Layer Style / Effects settings (fx button) and click on Drop Shadow to mark the checkbox and go into the Drop Shadow menu. Make sure the blend mode is normal and the color being jet black (#000000)... and set Opacity to 75%. If the Use Global Light option is flagged, un-check that box and set the angle to 120%. Set the Distance to 5px, the Spread to 75%, and the Size to 5px. Keep the noise at 0% and Countour quality at a linear positive angle (default, in other words.)

Next, go into Outer Glow and set the Blend mode to Screen, opacity 75%, and noice 0%.
Change the color to #cccc99. This will give a nice shimmer effect to the text.
For the Elements, keep spread at 0% and size to 5px. Again leave quality at default.
(contour being linear positive angle, no anti-aliasing, range 50%, jitter 0%).

Next up is the Bevel and Emboss style. Set the style to Inner Bevel and the technique to Chisel Soft. Make the depth go to 32% with the direction set to Up. Size 180px, Soften at 16px. You can play with these settings a little if you want. This is just to give a depth to the text, making it more realistic. For the Shading subsection, set the angle to -42 degrees, Use Global Ligth marked, and altitude of 30 degrees. Set Highlight mode to Linear Light with a color of #ebee00 and an opacity of 34%.
Set the Shadow mode to Linear Light as well, and use the color white (#ffffff) and give it an opacity of 23%.

It's still looking mighty pink, so we shall finish this off with some whitening action. Click the Color Overlay style option and set the Blend Mode to Screen with a light grey color. I chose #cccccc. Make sure you set the opacity to something between 80 and 100%.

And we're done for the main part!

I guess you might want some subtext, so here's something that goes well with it.
Make a new layer, use the type tool and drag out a small section for your slogan/subtext.
Use an itallicized font (I again used Myriad Pro, set to 'Italic' mode.)
Type it out and head over to its layer effects properties. Go to Drop Shadow, set the Blend Mode to Multiply, black (#000000), 75% opacity. Un-check the 'Use Global Light' option and have the angle set to 120 degrees. Set the Distance to 2, spread 100%, and size to 2. Hit [OK] and you're done!

Here's my end result. (Click to enlarge.)

Finished result of the pearl text.

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